Top 10 Reasons Why People Transfer to a New Web Hosting Service or Choosing New Web Host

There are a lot of different reasons why people change from one web hosting service to another. At the same time, there are even more people who stick with a hosting company that they are not happy with because they simply don’t think that they have a good enough reason to switch. When you decide to switch to a new hosting, you need to decide what service you’ll be switching to, move your entire website, and cancel your old hosting service. All of this can culminate into a very stressful process. To help you decide whether or not you really want to switch to a new hosting service, here are some of the most commonly reported reasons why other people have switched to a new web host.

first reason is price against feature. The price they are paying is for features and if features are not sufficient they of course they will switch. Features include all these as you mentioned.

1. Reliability

One of the most commonly reported reasons why someone decides to change hosting companies is reliability. If your website seems to be down more often than it should be, then you might want to consider switching hosting services. This could simply be because the hosting company is doing a lot site maintenance at inconvenient times or it could be because your web host simply doesn’t have the infrastructure or resources to ensure reliable service. It has gotten to a point within the hosting industry that an uptime of 99.9% has become a minimum standard.

2. Price Per Service

Another common reason to change hosting providers is value. Prices can vary widely, but this is often based upon what you are getting in return. If you are not getting enough features or high enough quality of service, then you may feel like you are paying to much. The value, per dollar spent, is a common reason for people to change services.

When we purchase web hosting , hosting providers gives us too much 60% to 70% discount but on renewal time that hosting providers charges to us to much prices. this is the big reason to change web hosting.

3. Control

Control or access is another reason why people may switch services. This commonly becomes an issue when someone needs shell access for the first time and realizes that they don’t get it. It is also a common issue for people who want more control over their servers maintenance schedule and software updating.

Many people don’t have technical knowledge and they want there site and secure backup of there data. So they switch there hosting to another hosting. In this process new hosting technical support team help us to setup our hosting and makes very easy to use access of full control of our website important data. And in this process we learn many thinks regarding our hosting.

4. Server Error or Down time issue

But I think server issue is also vital, if someone finds that his website is often down because of server issues he will think of changing. Many time server have error and we cant fix it we want to fix that time we change hosting and we get best support for new hosting.

6. Billing Errors

Billing errors are not considered to be a normal problem. While mistakes do happen, quality hosting services will remedy this situation immediately. However, there are also companies that are a little less straightforward.

7. Resources

If you find that your hosting service is not providing the necessary resources to maintain your website, such as disk space or bandwidth, then it may be time to switch. This is most common when someone moves from a shared hosting to VPS or VPS to Dedicated server.

Some time web hosting have limited resources like disk space, bandwidth, CPU or RAM then experts sagged us to upgrade or switch our hosting.

8. IP address is blacklisted

May times our site IP address is blacklisted  in many country then we recommend to change or switch web hosting. Your IP address or Domain is blacklisted It may be that at one point your IP address was flagged for some reason and blocked by some servers.

9. Server Speed or Performance

Another common reason server speed or server up time performance we can analyze the load speed of your websites you can Upgrade to a Faster Server.

Upgrading to a faster server can improve web page speed significantly, up to 66% faster for first paint time and 29% load times improved. and this is possible when you upgrading your server to a higher performance model server.

10. Customer Support – Part 1

With many features and resources becoming more standardized, customer service is often what makes on similarly priced hosting company better than another. One customer support issue that causes people to change providers is a lack of responsiveness. This could mean that the support is simply not available when you need it, or maybe it takes them several days to respond to your inquiries.

11. Customer Support – Part 2

Another common customer support issue is how you are treated. Some companies place little emphasis on training support staff to be courteous as well as knowledgeable Remember, you are paying them for a service. If they don’t treat you like a valued customer, then maybe you should go somewhere that will appreciate your questions and concerns.

12. Customer Support – Part 3

The third reason why customer support can be a reasons to switch falls into the lines of “passive support”. Passive support, also known as indirect support, can include items like help guides, training/introduction documents, FAQ’s, and even community forums. Essentially, anything that you can use to help yourself, but is provided by the hosting service is passive support. A company that lacks this type of support will often lose customers to more well-documented hosting providers.

13. Control Panels and Software

Some people simply want to use a certain control panel (such as cPanel) or certain piece of software or auto-installer. If people are not given access to these tools, people will switch to a web service that does.

14. Package Deals

A final reason that people often switch web hosting companies is because a hosting service is part of a package deal that they are interested in. For example, some website designers allow webmasters to host through them. The same is true for some pieces of website design software (such as SiteBuildIt).

There are a lot of reasons that people give for switching from one hosting service to another. The important thing to remember is that if you want to make a switch, then whatever reason you have is a good reason.

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