how to block ip address

How to Block an IP Address Using cPanel and WHM

IP addresses are generally blocked to protect the site from troublemakers by denying access. You can easily block IP addresses using the IP blocker tool in cPanel. This tool can block for your website a single IP or multiple IP address, domain name or a range of IP addresses. If all those users are trying to access your website they are not able to access your website. If you see anyone do malicious activity for your website you can manually deny IP address by .htaccess file or cPanel IP blocker. Let me now show the procedure.

Blocking an IP Address or Domain in cPanel – Step by Step

Step 1-  Login to cPanel.

Login to cPanel

Step 2- Checking IP Blocker in Security Section Move down to the Security section. Open the IP Blocker.

Click to IP Blocker

Step 3- Enter the IP Address or domain that you want to block and press the Add button. There are five different ways in which you can enter IP addresses. Single IP Address is for blocking one particular IP and the other four types are used for blocking a group of IP addresses. All the five types work – I have checked.

Enter the IP Address

IP addresses can be entered in the following formats.

  • Single IP address, E.g.
  • IP address Range, E.g.– or–100
  • CIDR format, E.g.
  • Using Wildcards, E.g. 192.168.*.*
  • Domain Name,

Step 4- That’s it. Users from that particular IP address will no longer be able to access your site. After pressing the Go Back button, you can see the blocked IP.

Why we block IP address by IP Blocker Tool

There are many reasons to block IP addresses from accessing your website. 

  • If your website have any type of attack 
  • Block bots which send invalid clicks and traffic on your website
  • Maybe you see annoying visitor
  • Spammer comments IP address

Removing the Block IP Address from Denied List

If you want to remove the block on an IP address, then just hit the Remove icon next to it. by following these steps −

Step 1 – Login to cPanel and find IP Blocker in the home page of cPanel security Section

Step 2- In security sections IP blocker tool find Currently – Blocked IP Address. If you want to remove it, click on the Delete button.

By default in most of the hosts you can see Server Setting: All | Beginning IP: All – Ending IP: All. They are normal and default settings – no need to touch it.

NOTE :- Make sure when you block IP Address that IP Address not your server cPanel ip address if you block that you can’t do anything into your website.

Fix :- If you see your website not uploading any data, image or not updating to any post or page that means your IP is blocked then first remove your IP Address from cPanel. Then update anything.